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St Ninian's Cross 200

11th Sunday in Ordinary Time

'This is what the Kingdom of God is like …’

Our readings this week are full of hope and confidence.  May we grow in joyful hope as we pray and ponder them.  The theme of growth, seeds, and trees winds in and out of these readings.  So does the notion of universality: God’s kingdom is for the whole of humanity.

In the First Reading, God, through the prophet Ezekiel, promises the tiny remnant of Israel that they will grow into a new people, just as the cedar grows from a small shoot.

The Psalm is a song of thanksgiving to the Lord who enables the just to grow and flourish like a cedar.

St Paul, in the Second Reading, reminds the Corinthians of the confidence they have, despite the tensions of living while waiting for the Lord.  This fills them with the expectation of being with him one day.

The Gospel contains two parables of the Kingdom: that of the seed, growing secretly; and the parable of the mustard seed.  Both parables reveal God working continuously for the growth of his kingdom.

As we go about our lives this week, we may find other metaphors for the God who works secretly for his kingdom in all those around us, in our surroundings and in all events.

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The Sower at Sunset

Vincent van Gogh (1853–1890)

Kröller-Müller Museum, Otterlo, Netherlands


Welcome to the website of St Ninian’s Catholic Church in Knightswood, Glasgow. I hope and pray this will be a resource for spiritual nourishment for you who visit, that it will be a source of inspiration for parish outreach, allowing us to be the heart and hands of Christ for those around us, and that it will make a contribution to community building for the entire Knightswood area.

As we make our way through 2024, let God’s light lift up our Spirits  and our faith. May we have the courage to meet and  embrace the challenges and the encounters of life with a renewed sense of purpose in the weeks and months ahead.

Thank you for visiting our website and our thanks to David Gray for permission to use his wonderful photographs of our Church.

Fr. Paul

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Pope Francis' June Prayer Intention

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For Those Fleeing Their Own Countries

Let us pray that migrants fleeing from war or hunger, forced to undertake journeys fraught with danger and violence, may find welcome and new living opportunities in their host countries.

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St Ninian Mosaics

Mosaics (Opus Sectile) in the high altar above the tabernacle. The right-hand panels depict St Ninian building the White House at Whithorn, and the left-hand panels depict him preaching the Gospel to the Southern Picts.

St Ninian's Cross 200
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